#Roar4Rare Platelet Donor Allie Boulton

When Allie isn't sharing wellness to the Durham YMCA, lifting some serious weights, or helping people through the Livestrong Program, she's donating her platelets to potentially save a life. So far, Allie has donated not once, but twice through the Luka The Lion Foundation Platelet Parties at the UNC Blood Donation Center at the NC Cancer Hospital.  

We've watched Inside Out, snacked on popcorn, chatted about life, enjoyed the beautiful view and parking waivers -- all while Allie sat comfy cozy while hooked up to the platelet machine. She's really curious how the process works, why her platelets look like gold, and enjoys quizzing her favorite nurse. Next time, you can party with Allie and donate your platelets to a fellow Tar Heel in need. 

Allie also ran the Florence Forth Road Race on Team #LukaTheLion, zooming to the finish line as the top runner in her division for the 5K.

We're honored by Allie's living example of the bravery and strength of a lion. Roar!