#Roar4Rare Blog

People ask us, "What does it mean to roar?" It's entirely up to you and how you uniquely carry forward the values of the Luka The Lion Foundation. 

  • Be a lion. Honoring Luka's spirit of bravery, beauty, strength, and resilience to help others embody the characteristics of a lion -- and always remember to roar.   
  • Raise awareness by roaring. For kids and families with rare + undiagnosed disease, the need for platelet + cord blood + bone marrow donation, newborn screen as a vital early diagnostic tool that can save lives, and effective treatment options. 
  • Support kids with rare diseases and their families through The Pride.Together, forming an eternal circle of love that connects patients, families, health care providers, and supporters. 
  • Address unique, individual needs. Focusing efforts on meaningful, therapeutic ways to address rare patient and family's unique, individual social + emotional + research needs. 

Through The Pride, we #Roar4Rare in countless ways. We run or walk for a cause, donate platelets, make a financial contribution to support kids with rare diseases, hold up the #LukaTheLion scarf on top of a mountain for the #ScarfChallenge, raise awareness about rare diseases creatively through art, writing, or dancing.

Whatever you do, like a lion with The Pride, always remember to roar. Click here to tell us how you roar, and read our #Roar4Rare blog below for inspiration.