BMT Day +101 (Part 1): Luke 2:19

“Mary pondered all these things in her heart.”

I can relate. I’ve pondered what could happen to send our lion into a situation that would warrant going to the PICU. We see it around us all the time. And all this pondering is very much felt in the heart. Today, 100 days after his bone marrow transplant was that day.

Our ‪#‎LukaTheLion‬ woke up with much more rapid breathing and several other signs that clued in our wonderful nurses and doctors that his condition was changing enough that he needed a “rapid response” to call the PICU team to his room to transport him “downstairs.” He got oxygen, a little NG tube to get gas out of his stomach, antivirals, more IVIG, and a different IV steroid. It appears to be working and he’s a bit more comfortable and attentive. He’s even off of his oxygen right now. We were very happy that our lion reached for the thermometer to hold it and play a bit. It’s the little things that give immense relief. We feel it in our hearts.

There’s not a clear understanding of exactly what is going on other than he may have a virus that there isn’t an exact test for on top of a second round of engraftment. His platelets and neutrophils are up, so that would make sense. We are very grateful to the nurses and doctors working on his case here and consulting afar. Doctors and nurses must feel it in their hearts, too!

For now, we continue to be reassured by signs of improvement, albeit small. We feel all these things in our heart. And ponder, hope, and pray that the combination of treatments help our lion get better.

(Photo credit to Babcia at National Shrine Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes)