BMT Day +75: What Having A Big Sister Looks Like

This! Today and everyday, our ‪#‎LukaTheLion‬ loves and learns from his sister Maia Bee. It’s amazing how he both follows her lead and finds his own way at the same time. The list of ways he has learned from her how to navigate life are endless: use a fork, climb the steps, dance to pop music, kick a soccer ball, color with a crayon, put on his shoes, all things Paw Patrol, say cheese for the camera, eat from an applesauce pouch, give hugs, reading books, clink cups for na zdrowie (cheers), play trains, love dogs, and on and on! Among many things, he has taught her his love for lions, back rubs, patience, resilience for all things medical, and compassion for others.

When I woke him up from a nap and said, “let’s go pick up Maia,” he got to business and walked out his room and tried to march down the steps to get out the door. When she was running around the Y saying, “try to catch me!” the only way she realized she needed to get in the car was to see “her Luki.” They are truly a sibling match made in heaven.