BMT Day +49: This Is 4:22 AM

We got the phone call at 2:30 am, packed a bag, drove on empty streets, and were at the ER front desk by 3:00 am. By 4:22 am, this was our situation in one of the ER rooms while he got IV antibiotics and we waited for a room on the 5th floor. By 6:00 am we had landed right back in 5C19. Oddly familiar. Remember, the loud and bright room.

Our #LukaTheLion has positive blood cultures meaning there is a bacterial infection in his blood stream, at least. As is always the case, “he looks good” and “you’d never know something’s wrong.” Unless you looked at his chart and labs, of course, and looked beyond what medical school teaches you is normal. The medical team is looking at his blood work closely to see why his red blood cells are dropping and how all of this could be connected with the positive cultures and high bilirubin. And, it’s also known as — this is sometimes what can happen after a bone marrow transplant.

The good news is that our lion is a very happycustomer who has been having quite a party – laughing, playing, and really just charming everyone. He’s finally asleep after being awake for nearly 10 hours. We’re about to start the IVIG infusion again (the one that caused a reaction yesterday) and see what happens. And, waiting on all kinds of lab tests.

I will say, I’ve never had a negative reaction to someone telling me “welcome back” until today. Zach and I both remarked that we knew that this would happen at some point – nearly everyone who has a transplant gets readmitted for something at some point – so it’s almost a relief to just get it over with. We just hope and pray this is a straightforward case and it all gets resolved for our lion as smoothly as possible.

On the lighter side, Zach and I have had some laughs over flashback-y moments. “I guess I’ll go to the family room now,” he says. “Ok. Can you call in our lunch order?” I respond. That was 11:50 pm.