BMT Day +42: Dr. Maia To The Rescue

Today, Luka was standing on Maia’s little bed and took a little tumble onto the floor. It looked worse than it was, apparently. He was a little bit confused, but didn’t really cry or show any signs of being hurt. Just typical toddler stuff and even with that he’s quite a resilient guy. But the way Maia Bee ran across the room and immediately grabbed her doctor kit without a blink of an eye – you would have thought there was a real emergency and she was indeed a first responder. She urgently checked his ear with the otoscope, then his heart and lungs with the stethoscope, and finally his blood pressure with the sphygmomanometer. She uttered in a calm and upbeat voice, “it’s ok baby. I’m just going to check you. Need to look in your ears. I hear a kitty! Now I’m going to check your heart. And now your back. Looks good! Now let’s pump your arm up. All better, baby!” Luka sat completely still the entire time. He’s used to it.

After a long morning visit at the clinic filled mainly with waiting for lab results, the major take away is that our #LukaTheLion’s white blood cells doubled since Monday and are technically high. In some ways it could be a good sign that his immune system is responding to an infection, but then on the other hand you don’t really want him to have an infection right now as his immune system is technically suppressed in other areas and not yet “complete.” He seems fine other than that and his tremors. As sweet Dr. Gold said, “I’d rather him have too many white blood cells than too few.” Amen!