BMT Day -14: Diving Into Transplant

The first day of conditioning regimen for bone marrow transplant is when the switch flips from one reality to another. In one quick injection to the leg, anticipation is shed and all of a sudden you are living in the reality that was only in your mind. Instead of staring at the pool of water from the diving board, you are actually moving forward with the process which is an oddly helpful feeling.

All in all the day went well with some smiles and laughing. Luka started off playing with daddy in his little room. As the day evolved, he ended up sleeping and cuddling a lot with mommy and his favorite youtube nursery rhymes video. There were also bursts of verbal excitement when the room was cleaned and his favorite nurses and Dr. Philip stopped by.

Luka did end up having a reaction today — faster breathing and heart rates along with this first ever fever. (Yes, friends he’s been hospitalized 5 times previously, all with life threatening infections and never once a fever – it’s part of his unique condition whereby his body’s immune system doesn’t really “turn on.”). He’s gotten a lot of additional meds to help him tolerate the reaction and they all seem to be working as long as he gets it every 3-4 hours. After a tough couple hours, he’s now sleeping peacefully and hopefully will through the night. Thank you Dr. Philip and all the nurses monitoring our lion so very carefully!

In beautiful parallel narrative, our Maia the Bee was busy flying into Y counselors arms with pure joy. Let’s dive in!