When a Nurse in My Son's Hospital Room Said, "I Can't Imagine That Life"

by Julia Fisher

"We took a trip to the clinic from our “hospital home” recently for our lion to have a procedure. We were in the clinic for about two hours total, and it was surreal to be there since we’d been away for a few weeks. In that time, people have gotten married, resigned or moved. Patients who were new this summer are now knee-deep into chemo with long braids being traded for short, soft strands. Moms of teenagers tell stories about how their daughters don’t like them being there on scan days because it makes them anxious. Toddlers want more snacks.

And what I witnessed as I sat there was — life. “That life.” Even when our child is facing a serious disease, we can still make the most of it because we’re living it.

We are living “that life” each and every moment no matter where we are and no matter what obstacles are in our way."

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