The Gift From My Son's Nurse That Came During My Greatest Time of Need

By Julia Fisher

"Standing in the lobby of the church, I was speechless. My mouth was wide open in awe. I never imagined when I unwrapped the gift what I saw would consume all of my heart, giving me comfort in the greatest time of need.

A square frame held the majestic beauty of the perfectly mixed yellow, orange and brown watercolors, forming a fierce, strong, brave and beautiful lion. Through this beauty, the painting instantly brought alive the spirit and soul of my beloved son, Luka, just as we prepared to celebrate his life during the church service.

The painting — of a regal lion with one eye covered staring deeply into the soul of the viewer — was a gift that changed our lives. The painting symbolized so much more than what the eye can see, for it’s worth more than a thousand words, especially when you consider the “no coincidences” situation that helped create the masterpiece."

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