Daily Journal

In February 2015, Luka’s mom, Julia, started a secret Facebook group to update about 30 or so close family and friends on the status of Luka’s upcoming bone marrow transplant. Mainly, she wanted to "share the smiles along the journey," and focus on what it looks like to live in a hospital for those who haven't experienced "that life." 

She had no idea that a year later, the secret group would grow organically — members can add new members — at a growth of 1,000%.

The daily journal is a testament to Luka's family's mantra, “If he can do it, then so can we.” And, what Julia writes, “Without you, it’s just words.” The secret group is truly a lion’s pride circle of love.

It's evolved to show how Luka's pride transitioned with him through the Bardos, the 49 days after his body dropped. Now, the daily journal shares our journey in creating the Luka The Lion Foundation to honor Luka's spirit by raising awareness for pediatric rare diseases and supporting patients and their families so nobody ever feels alone. 

On this page are excerpts from the daily journal. The Luka The Lion Foundation Facebook group is now public and we'd love for you to join The Pride: Click here to make a request.